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Among the young Indians who wish to work for the society to bring a change there is name of Sungandha Munshi who is working for he betterment of her home town Bihar, India. Sugandha, belongs to Bihar and moved to Delhi in order to pursue her Master’s degree in Political Science. It was her passion to become a “change maker”  so she worked  hard enough to transform this passion to a career. In 2007 Sugandha Munshi  started working as a journalist for THE HEADLINES INDIA. She also joined the development sector as a step for achieving her goal.  Sugandha has also been a part of social cause awareness campaigns, the most important of these was that of Female foeticide.

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This campaign took her to the grass roots of Rajasthan where she spent around 3 years of her life, working and implementing Educational leadership. “Working with Baba Amte for 1.5 months and spending my days in villages of India , helped me to realize that how education can play a significant role in turning around the gender discrimination”, she said.

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Leaving good opportunities, Sugandha Munshi took a life changing decision of returning to Bihar, her birth place. People are generally unwilling to return to their roots and work for its betterment but Sungandha was an exception . In November 2010 she joined the Department of Education as the State- Coordinator Gender Cell. With the help of education and assistance from Bihar government and UNICEF she intensively advocated for policy making on gender sensitization, for four consecutive years. Se attended the 12 day program of WORLD YOUTH SOCIAL ENTREPRENUERSHIP held in UK which strengthened her determination and sharpened her perspective. In order to contribute to the development of Bihar she used all her knowledge to understand the real situation there.

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In 2013, Sungandha Munshi  started working with women farmers as a Gender Specialist in International Rice Research Institute. She moved closer to the cause she really wanted to work for. Like every individual working for a good cause has to face certain oppositions Sugandha too went through it. When she began her journey for the benefit of women farmers, she faced the rigid and orthodox mentality of the people. But with her strong determination she managed to overcome these obstacles. Sugandha proudly speaks of the changes she brought in Bihar:

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“It is common for a woman to talk about another woman, but wanting the men to come forward for women’s’ rights , is something which I want to initiate. I am not a social worker, i just love and feel contended to be an asset for the people”, she said.  Her strong believe in the youth of INDIA has led her to start a small initiative – “PRIYADARSHINI”. This venture  acts as a neutral platform to work with youths of Bihar with the  motto –  “ Lead yourself and influence others for making the world a humane place”.

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Sugandha Munshi’s message for the youth of India is very loud and clear. She says, “The key of motivation is in your pocket and one should follow what they preach”.  She believes that it is important to seek solutions rather than focussing on the problems. She says  “Let’s not wait for another Nirbhaya incident, but raise our voices wherever and whenever we can!” Salute to Sugandha!

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